You are urged to check your res admission status on the system: your status is not showing, contact Student Housing on 041 504 3690.

Student Housing encourages all senior students who receive final acceptance and meet all requirements as per the residence admission criteria to register online as from 16 Jan 2017.

Residences are currently open to accommodate students who are writing exams until 24 Jan 2017. Student must provide proof of their examinations to gain access to residence.

Seniors students who are writing examinations in January will only receive confirmation of residence placement as their results become available.

First year students will receive their acceptance confirmation by end of the week via sms.

Those students who wrote in December will receive communication from Student Housing by 11 January.

For on-campus accommodation call:

  • 041 504 4516 (Port Elizabeth)
  • 044 801 5192 (George Campus)

For off-campus accommodation in PE, call 041 504 2921.

Current students can apply for such accommodation via an online application form. First-time application are referred to the off-campus housing office (OCHO) by Residence Admissions and Placement Office and the International Office. Go to for details.

Residences will open on 5 February (the day before lectures begin) for students who do not have re-exams. 

International first time applicants can enter residence on 15 January.

NMMU has both self-catering, as well as fully-catered residences. The self-catering accommodation is generally for senior students, while the catered residences are for first-year and second-year students. The dining rooms in the catering residences offer breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, plus a range of other options.

Residences open for first-year students on 20 January 2017.